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New Maryland Landlord-Tenant Law Effective October 1, 2023

Notice Requirements for Rent Increases

Pursuant to House Bill 151, effective October 1, 2023, a landlord must notify a tenant in writing before increasing the tenant’s rent as follows:

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Calling Law Enforcement or Emergency Services No Longer Grounds for Termination

Pursuant to Senate Bill 214, which takes effect on October 1, 2023, Section 8-208 of the Real Property Article which governs prohibited lease provisions has been amended to prohibit a form of lease that limits the ability of a tenant to summons law enforcement or emergency services, and/or penalizes a tenant for summonsing law enforcement or emergency services.

This is particularly relevant in breach of lease cases as it will no longer be a sufficient basis for termination that law enforcement is called to a unit.

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Pet Protections During Evictions

Pursuant to House Bill 102, effective June 1, 2023, a landlord and law enforcement carrying out an eviction have the following obligations with regard to any action for possession of real property (nonpayment of rent, tenant holding over, breach of lease, or wrongful detainer):

(1) Upon eviction, the unit must be immediately inspected for any pet;

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What do I need to do to file a Failure to Pay Rent Case in Baltimore City? Baltimore City landlords must comply with registration, inspection, and licensing requirements before initiating Nonpayment of Rent actions in rent court.

Residential landlords that anticipate the need to file a Failure to Pay Rent Complaint in the coming weeks and/or months should be aware of recent changes to Baltimore City’s licensing scheme which requires housing providers to have a rental unit registered, inspected, and licensed before a landlord is able to utilize rent court to collect unpaid rent.

Residential Landlord Requirements in Baltimore City

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STSW lawyer Bill Sinclair recently convinced a Maryland state judge that he should strike an amended complaint that contained a RESPA claim against STSW’s client, Lakeview Title. The plaintiffs were home purchasers who originally brought suit in 2010 against Long & Foster, Creig Northrop, and various related entities and individuals for alleged fraud in the sale and purchase of their homes.
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