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If You Have Made An Insurance Claim Under Your Own Policy, You Are Entitled To Notice Of The Status Of The Claim Every Forty-Five Days, Under Maryland Law

Maryland law requires that property and casualty insurers who are investigating an insurance claim must send the insureds a written update on the status of the claim every forty-five (45) days. COMAR Specifically, the Maryland regulation provides that if an insurer has not completed its investigation of a first-party claim (this generally means that you made the claim under your own policy) within 45 days of notification, the insurer must promptly notify the first-party claimant, in writing, of the actual reason that additional time is necessary to complete the investigation.

Notice must also be sent to the first-party claimant after each additional 45-day period until the insurer either affirms or denies coverage and damages.

If you have made a “first-party” home, auto, or liability insurance claim, and you think your insurance company has not kept you updated in accordance with Maryland law, please contact Bill Sinclair, head of STSW’s commercial litigation group, at 410-385-9116 or, to discuss. Statutes of limitations may apply, so do not delay.

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